We have scribed to coach Q!


Coach Q,, Quinton Gerard Saunders also known as the certified life coach, family man and a father of a beautiful daughter has taken me under his wing and i am more than appreciative to finally have a certified life coach to help me take things to the next level. Thank you coach Q!

Life coaches can be necessary and a great tool for self development. I have always had a decent skill at writing and with technology. I have developed many websites but I would like to make my dreams realities and I have big dreams. Its not about what I have done, it is about what am I doing with my abilities online where my words and sentiment can be shared over the globe. Having a life coach has kicked me into gear and brought a new light. With this simple assignment I was able to learn the importance of time and completion.

$85.Million in a MONTH!

We here are dedicated to bring you best tech and nerd news all in one place! Now that I am under Coach Q, a licensed life coach we are going to take my simple writing, orating and content producing skills and truly put them to work. My story is short and simple I am Drewski, your your “average nerd”, well this average nerd has a skill set that I won’t reveal yet! Lets have some fun 🙂 That if I can take Coach Q’s instructions can take me to the next level. This website is a prototype and you can watch the archetype of my mind and all of my ideas grow as we grow as a community together. So make sure to follow all of the teams social media, youtube, FB, Twitter and other social media, Its been a long time coming!!!!

my assignment was to make a website with and send Coach Q a link! The store will be here shortly, this website is brand new canvass that needs to be painted! The painting crew are working as we you read this world, I promise the merch is on the way! Content is on the way. Videos, articles, how to’s, gameplay, comedy sketches, vlogs and we are currently selecting sponsors, if you would like to become a sponsor and ride the wave before it takes off email me privately at Andrewthegenious@gmail.com anyone interested in featuring content, advertisements or products on the website please use the email above.

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